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Content editing | Does your plot take your reader on a satisfying journey? Are your characters compelling? Does your first chapter draw your reader in? If you write nonfiction, is your argument seamless and forceful? A content edit will help you identify and fix problem areas so your story can work its magic. Learn more

Copyediting | Is your prose polished and effective? Does your manuscript follow all grammar, spelling, and punctuation conventions? Are proper names correct and consistent? A copyedit ensures that your readers will get lost in your story, not distracted by errors. Learn more

Proofreading | Is your book as error-free as possible before it makes its debut? Proofreading is a last chance to make sure your book is sparkling clean before it meets your readers. Learn more


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Kristen helped me turn my memoir into a best-selling book. Her editing is insightful, rigorous, and creative.
— Dylan Evans, author of The Utopia Experiment
 KRISTEN TATE is the primary resident of the Blue Garret. A fierce game of  Bananagrams  in a  dive bar  is her idea of a great time.

KRISTEN TATE is the primary resident of the Blue Garret. A fierce game of Bananagrams in a dive bar is her idea of a great time.


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Kristen has a Ph.D. in English from Columbia University, with a focus on novels and publishing history. She has been thinking about how novels work and how readers experience them for many years and brings this rich experience to her editing. 

An internship at Chronicle Books, intensive developmental editing courses through the Editorial Freelancers Association, and a Professional Editing Certificate from University of California at Berkeley ensure that the advice you receive is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date.

Kristen is a member of the Association for Independent Publishing Professionals as well as the founder of the SF Bay Area chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association

Kristen is a fantastic editor. Not only does she have a love for language and technique, but she expresses words in their clearest manner. Punctuation ninja Kristen is competent and thorough. Like a fond aunt, she connects with her writers and their works. For Kristen, editing is not just a job, it’s a passion.
— Lillian C.

Edits you can learn from

A former teacher, Kristen gives you tools and strategies you can apply not only to your current project, but also to your future work. She focuses on the why and how of the changes she suggests, not just the what

With a content or copyedit you will receive a multi-page editorial letter explaining the suggested changes, as well as detailed comments on the manuscript itself. With a copyedit, you will also receive a comprehensive style sheet (listing spelling variants, punctuation choices, proper names, etc.) that you can pass on to a proofreader or use for your own reference.

After you receive your edits, Kristen will be available to answer questions via email, phone, or Skype during your revision process. 

“Kristen is exactly what I needed as a first-time author. She made the process easy, and not overwhelming. What she did not do was almost more helpful than what she did do – she let me continue my flow with subtle suggestions. Too much feedback would have been overwhelming.”
— Raj Sheth, author of Prepare: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hiring

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Most editing projects take two weeks to complete. Faster turnaround is sometimes possible, especially for proofreading or for shorter books. Send an email to to get a time estimate for your project.