Week fourteen: Build a transformation machine

It is week fourteen of 2019. How’s the writing going? If you are stuck and need some creative solidarity, check out the Camp NaNoWriMo threads on Twitter (@NaNoWriMo). You’ll find hundreds of other writers sprinting or stumbling along, trying to find their path.

I’ve been hearing buzz about Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: The Last Book On Novel Writing You'll Ever Need since it came out last fall. While this is almost certainly not the last book on writing you’ll ever need, I do think that you should have it in your collection.

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Week seven: Of taxonomies and tools

It is week seven of 2019. How are the words treating you this week? Tenderly, I hope, in honor of Valentine’s Day. If not, kick ’em to the curb and throw their cheap, stale drugstore chocolates after them. Maybe learn some new words? In a different language even? Here are a few Italian words I prize: eccoci qua (here we are), allora (well, then), and piano, piano (slowly, slowly). You can throw these in most anywhere.

Now, let’s get down to the Serious Business of Story. One glance at The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know will show you that Shawn Coyne takes Story very seriously indeed, or at least that's the implication of his capitalization style. But you’ll have to get over the capitalization because I think this book is worth your attention if you are a novelist.

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