Week fifteen: Keep reading

It is week fifteen of 2019. How’s the writing going? Here at the garret, things are humming along. This period of the year is always one of my most productive, and I’ve got a lot of exciting professional and creative projects lined up for the next two months before the distractions of summer set in. Maybe it’s time for you to do a sprint too? What could you get done in the next eight weeks if you shuffle your schedule or your priorities? 

This week’s book – Renni Browne and Dave King’s Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself into Print – is one you’ll want to turn to when you are ready to tackle the little details that make a novel sing.

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Week eleven: Burnishing the words

It is week eleven of 2019. It has been a wrenching week in the world, and that can sometimes stop your words. Let yourself be silent or send your words elsewhere for a time, but then guide them gently back to your book. Books are solace, and we will need yours in the world someday.

Some of my happiest hours this week have been spent with the words of Benjamin Dreyer, the Random House copy chief, who has distilled his decades of experience in Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style. As you can sense from the title, Dreyer wears his wisdom lightly. He is quick to admit to his own crotchets and idiosyncrasies, and his advice is delivered with disarming humor.

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