Week four: Wired for pantsing

It is week four of 2019. How’s the writing going? Here at the Blue Garret, I’ve settled into the pleasant routine of writing these newsletters each week, and I’m beginning to contemplate what’s next. I think I’m just about ready to open up the drafts of my two barely begun novels and see what’s what.

This week’s craft book, Lisa Cron’s Wired for Story, made that moment feel just a little bit more daunting because Cron is a firm believer in advance plotting and… y’all, I’m a pantser. This may surprise those of you who know my deep love for planning in general and spreadsheets in particular (I’ve got a very nice one going already for this summer’s epic road trip). But when it comes to writing, I generally show up to the page with a direction and a few ideas about stops along the way and then feel my way forward bit by bit. 

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